Our mission

Provide opportunities to all people especially the under privillaged in our communities to enjoy decent living -the capacity needed to provide basic needs to ones self and ones immediate family

Our Objectives and indicators

The overall objective is improved standard of living for all through sustainable farming

  • Increased soil and water conservation programs
  • Increased capacity to create wealth
  • Increased access to secure communities
  • Promote Social and Cultural Tourism

Success stories

2016 Decent Living Training Centre graduates 13 Organic Farmers District Officer Regina
and Chief Anne Mwau Issued certificates. Mr. John Njoroge Director KIOF was the Tutor
during the week

Peter Kimeu Developer@yahoo.com

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John Doe CEO@google.com

Some of our projects

This is a list of some of our projects that we've done in recent years

  • Organic Farmers Project
  • Food Security District Profile

Who we are

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